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Contributions of Clayton Hutson to the Live Music Entertainment

by Chris Holden - October 10th, 2018.
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Clayton Hutson has loved music for a long time, and it’s one of the reasons he studied theater design at Central Michigan University. He also attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business for a master’s degree in Business Administration. After graduation, Hutson got good job opportunities in live entertainment companies to work as a project manager and as a sound engineer. The jobs exposed him to live performances, management, and sound engineering, hence earning expansive skills that he used in his entrepreneurial conquest.

Hutson started his business after the recession hit the company he was hired. He was ready to set up his own company after gathering adequate experience on the job. His company makes money through the provision of live production, rigging, and sound engineering services. He offers production management and design, logistics and stage management. He gets most of his clients from recommendations that come from clients and friends. Lately, he has been focusing a lot on stage management.

Fortunately, for Clayton Hutson, his business was profitable in a short period as he got good clients quickly. He has made it through working hard and being consistent. He uses other non-referral marketing strategies to generate new leads. For instance, he has a website that contains reliable information about him which is available on several platforms whereby he provides useful answers to the questions asked by his followers. Besides, his website has information on what he does and how he helps other growing musicians.

Hutson has spent years establishing his reputation, connecting with people in a good way, all in an attempt to strengthen his public image and keep attracting more clients. He believes he is successful because of his passion for the business and hard work. He can work long hours and counter check his projects to detect any hitches. Hutson is always keen to associate with smart and hard working people who have solid work ethics.

For his business future, Clayton Hutson hopes to maintain his reputation as he works hard to explore new opportunities. He finds the evolution of technology exciting, and he keeps up with it searching for solutions that make his work easier and better.

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