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Contributions of Nicolas Kraft at L’Oreal Company

by Chris Holden - February 18th, 2019.
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In any economy in the modern day business plays a huge part. It gives people opportunities to have jobs that allow them to advance the economy. The L’Oreal Company is among the largest cosmetic firms in the world. The vice president of the L’Oreal global business development is Nicolas Kraft.

The company has held several fashion and beauty shows which have helped the company to show its readiness to making these two more accessible. The company makes its events open to everyone hence encouraging diversity especially among women. The company encourages creativity and diversity in the events that it holds. The company also calls for gender equity which they believe is a crucial engine to innovation.

Through the inclusion of the public, the L’Oreal Company enhances access to employment. They ensure this by employing people who are eliminated from the labor market, those who are financially needy and those that work in minor firms. This has helped in making people to have assured salaries that enable them to meet their daily needs. This implies that the company is aimed at bringing positive change to the lives of local people.

The innovative nature of the company has enabled it to do several things that are beneficial. It has been able to promote recycling and therefore minimizing the number of waste products and also maximize the use of resources. They are consigned on making the environment more sustainable and selling products that are fully recycled from other packages. The company works in partnership with other brand partners to prevent seeds from being over commercialized. It has also been able to plant seeds of welfare and consistency for generations to come.

Nicolas Kraft as the vice president of the L’Oreal Company Global Business Development portrays good management skills. He has called for the products of the company to be more digitalized and diversified to meet the consumers’ expectations that are always changing. Nicolas Kraft encourages social media marketing to reach consumers easily and identify their specific expectations. This will help the company to produce high-quality products to meet consumer needs.

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