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Correction Imminent On California Housing According To Nick Vertucci

by Chris Holden - August 13th, 2017.
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Nick Vertucci, a self-made real estate investor and housing expert has been recently tweeting about the housing crisis in California. It’s been discussed in various national news outlets and publications about where the future of the state’s housing will be if action is not taken. It’s expected that legislators will pass a bill regarding affordable housing in the coming days that may allow for contractors to build units in areas where zoning laws don’t currently permit it, but it certainly won’t come without opposition from high profile homeowners who are already established in those areas. Yet with homelessness on the rise and the average housing cost at half a million dollars in California, the trend cannot go on forever.


For those who may not be able to afford expensive housing but are willing to learn how to enter the real estate world, Nick Vertucci may just be the person they want to see. He’s the CEO of Nick Vertucci companies and is the founder of an institute known as NV Real Estate Academy. This academy offers training courses that make the basics of real estate simple to understand and allow people to get started at a fast pace. The academy will even put people out in the field ready to take on the challenges in the market. The courses consist of teaching investors what to look for when buying property, how they can take a house in poor condition and flip it for a high price, and even entering the commercial markets.


Nick Vertucci himself started out like many people who enroll in his academy. His family was very poor growing up and he even lost his father while he was quite young. He couldn’t afford college education, so he was living out of his vehicle by the time he turned 18. Vertucci was determined that he would start his own business, and the opportunity came after he learned how to repair computers. He built a fairly successful company and even became married and had several children during this time, but unfortunately this dream didn’t last forever when the dotcom bubble burst. Once again in need of starting over, Vertucci found out about a real estate seminar from a friend, and upon attending it learned quickly how he could invest in homes and make money. Since then he has found unparalleled success at his company and has been proud to help change others’ lives through the NV Real Estate Academy.

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