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Creative Game Design Is At The Heart Of Westher Factory And Its Co-Founder Alexis Kennedy

by Chris Holden - November 6th, 2019.
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Alexis Kennedy is a co-founder of the Weather Factory. The company was launched in 2017. Alexis and co-founder Lottie Bevan endeavor to create narrative, interactive, indie aesthetically designed video games.

The company has debuted a large number of new games over the last two years. Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan have another game that was recently and has been drawing the attention of many people. Cultist Simulator is an innovative Lovecraftian card game. The game is described by the organization as one of apocalypse and yearning. It has been nominated by BAFTA and joins Weather Factory’s platform of other award nominated and award-winning games. Cultist Simulator can be played on Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS systems. These versions of the game were released in May 2018. Weather Factory came out with the game’s mobile version in April of 2019. The Cultist Simulator’s Kickstarter has been the recipient of many awards and nominations for innovative design.

Alexis Kennedy is a British entrepreneur. He was born in 1972. Alexis Kennedy has been recognized and acclaimed for his work. He is a writer and game inventor and designer. He is a veteran in the game industry. Alexis also founded Failbetter Games. Some of the games released by this company were Fallen London, Sunless Sea and Machine Cares!. His highly recognized works date back to the early 2000s. As a founder and a business owner, he has researched and developed scores of ingenious games that have met with great success. Alexis created the browser game known as Fallen London in 2009.

In addition to his creative gaming innovations, Alexis Kennedy is a public speaker. He travels the world and has spoken at numerous conferences and universities. He shares his insight on interactive writing and design creation. Alexis inspires students and budding young entrepreneurs.

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