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Critically Acclaimed Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich

by Chris Holden - May 11th, 2018.
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Meet Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a highly skilled, board certified plastic surgeon. He has been serving the Dallas, Texas area for over 30 years. Dr. Rohrich earned his medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine. He later went on to complete his residency under the direction of some of the most skilled plastic surgeons of his time. During his residency at the University of Michigan, his passion for the field of plastic surgery was spurred on.

While he puts much of his focus into running his own successful practice, Dr. Rohrich also has a knack for finding the best future plastic surgeons and helping them further develop their unique skills in relation to this ever-changing field. Due to his teaching and mentoring efforts, he has become well-known as an innovative leader in the plastic surgery industry.

In line with his knack for instructional skills, Dr. Rohrich has given over 2,000 successful presentations as a visiting professor at universities all over the world. Presenting on the latest topics relating various aspects of plastic surgery has been a passion for him. He has also helped create and guide one of the largest and most successful plastic surgery residency programs that exist today. It has quickly become known as the most sought-after residency programs and will continue to churn out future plastic surgeons of the highest caliber for years to come.

The art of rhinoplasty has been a significant area of interest for Dr. Rohrich since early in his career. As such, he has been responsible for assisting with the development of some innovative changes in the techniques used to complete this procedure. He has subsequently taught these surgical skills to well over 6,000 other plastic surgeons, allowing them to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing and competitive field.

Dr. Rod Rohrich continues to put his time, energy, and dedication into providing the best surgical outcomes for all of his patients. He believes that all patients should be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion. This is why Dr. Rohrich treats his patients like members of his own family. The glowing words of commendation from pleased patients all over the United States indicate that Dr. Rohrich is not only a skilled surgeon but is also a compassionate human being with a big heart and a love for helping others. Dr. Rohrich will continue to stay at the forefront of the latest technological advances in plastic surgery so he can offer his patients advanced treatment options that provide excellent aesthetic results, a faster healing time, and fewer scars.

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