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Cubs to Promote Kris Bryant On Friday

by Chris Holden - April 17th, 2015.
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Cubs to Promote Kris Bryant on Friday

Getting a promotion in any type of field is always seen as a big step for people. Kris Bryant is soon to learn this as of this Friday.

The Chicago Cubs baseball team are ready to promote Kris Bryant, who was a highly revered prospect, to the big leagues. This news comes as the Cubs are set to host the San Diego Padres at home this Friday and all the way to Sunday, while third baseman veteran Mike Olt is heading to the disabled list.

Bryant has been one of the most notable, if not the most notable future prospect for pro baseball teams, mainly because he was the leader in the minor leagues last year in terms of hitting home runs. Originally the team was set to keep him off of the free agent market for at least a year if he remained in the minor leagues.

Fans such as Igor Cornelsen ( know that the situation got complicated when Bryant’s agent and the Cubs front office didn’t see eye to eye on things, as the Cubs thought they were simply keeping in line with the team’s interests. As a result, the team only needed to wait until April 17th to promote Bryant, and that is exactly what they ended up doing.

Bryant has already padded his baseball resume with hitting three home runs in Triple-A pitching, so this move is not really surprising.

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