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David McDonald, OSI Group President

by Chris Holden - October 26th, 2018.
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History and Background
David McDonald OSI Group is the COO and president of the largest food production company called OSI Food Solutions. David McDonald was born in Iowa, and he also grew up there.

McDonald studied at the Iowa State University where he graduated in 1987 with a degree in animal science. David McDonald OSI Group began his career at OSI Food solutions soon after graduating in Chicago where it was first founded. He started at the lowest level and worked his way up to the position of the President at the company. McDonald has worked at the company now for 30 years and has made significant contributions to it that have attributed to its success.

Inspirery interview
David McDonald OSI Group during an interview with Inspirery spoke about his achievements at OSI Group Food Solutions and what he sees for the future of the company. McDonald stated that the reason for their success and profits is due to the dynamic relationships with their customers. As the COO of OSI, David McDonald OSI Group strives to deliver services that exceed customer expectations and that are of value. The company has seen tremendous growth over three decades, and their clientele base continues to increase due to the high-quality products that they produce.

David McDonald OSI Group has managed to acquire several companies for OSI during his reign. Just recently, the company acquired Baho Foods to diversify and broaden their market. The company is now able to sell deli meats and other products after this purchase. During McDonald’s reign as President, the company has also been able to acquire Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe. The company has also established 10 Chinese facilities that specialize in poultry providing services to well-known restaurants in that area. David McDonald’s leadership has proved useful, and his marketing strategies have contributed to the success of OSI Food Group Solutions.

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