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Discover Copa Star’s Luxury Hospital Approach to Faster Healing

by Chris Holden - February 27th, 2017.
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Copa Star is a luxury hospital in Rio de Janeiro courtesy of the D’Or Institute. It has made history as the first and only of its kind and raised the bar on recuperative hospitality options. Think about the best 6-star hotel facilities. Now imagine the same being upgraded with cutting edge technology, responsive customer care and world-class medical specialists on call.

It is designed to make the best healing environment for those recovering from routine illnesses or major surgery with a keen interest in neurological and cardiac treatments. The key differentiation is being made in exclusivity and privacy synonymous with 6-star hospitality, and world-class medical and support teams. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com.

Copa Star uses technology to enhance patient-physician interactions. Every room is fitted with a bedside tablet which you can access the required service or staff on demand with the click of a button. The device also controls room ambiance settings such as lighting and room temperature. It is also interfaced with the clinical systems, and you can obtain diagnostic imagery, lab, and other section reports and even monitor billing from the comfort of your room.

Their operating rooms are fitted with top range technology clinical and diagnosis equipment, operating equipment, and imaging solutions. Through technology, they can seamlessly keep patients in touch with family and caretakers. The technology also enables medical experts to participate in consultative collaboration with peers even outside the facility.

Hybrid rooms offer mixed-use possibilities. The rooms are designed with patient comfort in mind and are well ventilated, spacious and aesthetically appealing. Visually calming wall art and soothing video feed increase visual stimulation to accelerate recovery. Extra solid structural construction and architectural enhancements to the overall building ensure maximum protection of the residents from the elements.

Specialists on demand mean it is a one-stop shop including auxiliary services such as counseling and education for patient’s family. An in-house chef and a fully kitted commercial-type restaurant ensure that patients and their friends and relatives can enjoy healthy nutritious meals. Specialties include state of the art cardiology and neurosurgery sections, a responsive emergency section and a pediatric department. The outpatient department extends the convenience and capacity enjoyed by hospital residents to the local community.

The mental and emotional welfare of patients is key to recovery. It is guaranteed through a video face-time platform that allows video interactions with people and spaces on the outside world. This reduces the possibility of patients developing cabin fever. The hospital strives to stay green through energy efficiency and reuse, selective disposal and recycling and reusing water among others.

Copa Star is a revolutionary style of approaching modern healthcare that is likely to become a trend especially for sensitive specialties such as neurosurgery. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.

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