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Doe Deere, The Pioneer of Make-up for the Unique Trendsetters.

by Chris Holden - September 25th, 2015.
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The world of cosmetics has made leaps and bounds when it comes to the types of products that are on the market today. Some cosmetic companies only appeal to the traditional individuals that are not concerned about making a statement. Doe Deere has given the shy teenager the opportunity to wear shades of lipstick or eye shadow that reflects the outgoing person that is inside. Doe Deere of ideamensch is the founder of the company, Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her vivid imagination and talent comes to light through the colors of the different products that are available.

Having the courage to follow her dreams, Doe Deere has the heart of a true visionary in the cosmetic industry. By utilizing the power of the internet, Lime Crime has successfully mastered the art of marketing their products which has made the company successful. She has made available numerous tutorials that give instructions as to how to achieve certain looks. For the person that is not quite familiar with the correct application of makeup, the tutorials are valuable reference tools.

Daring to go into uncharted waters to produce a product that can be worn by all skin tones took a tremendous amount of courage. Countless hours of research and testing products has yielded superior cosmetics. Most companies only offer shades of cosmetics to a select range of skin colors. Doe Deere has taken into consideration the vibrant hues of skin color and has developed a well defined color palate that everyone can use. Lime Crime has risen to one of the top companies that offer innovative products that are visually attractive, especially to teenagers.

The quality of the line of makeup is top notch. Words like bold and vivid are used when describing the products that are available. The unique packaging will captivate the attention of individuals that are looking for something different. Her talents shine through when naming the colors of lipsticks like, My Beautiful Rocket, Utopia or Poison Berry. The lipsticks are very pigmented and come in pastel, bold and creamy finishes.

Everyone that wears lipstick is aware of the numerous times it needs to be touched up. Many brands only last a few hours even though they claim to be long-wearing. Doe Deere has made available lipsticks that will look fresh along with not drying the lips. Due to the rich pigmentation, the brand Lime Crime stands out from the rest. One application of lipstick will go a long way.

When it comes to eyeliners, she has cornered the market by offering them in unusual colors. The eyeliners are matte which make the colors so bold and beautiful. It is a colorful array of nail polishes and eye shadows that will enchant and delight those that wear them.

When looking for a new and fresh way to express uniqueness, Lime Crime Cosmetics offers the color palette that is needed to achieve the desired look. Doe Deere has created makeup to stimulate the imagination and give all the opportunity to become a makeup artist.

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