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Dolls Kill/ Lime Crime

by Chris Holden - August 10th, 2015.
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Doe Deere is a model of Lime Crime. She created this company to make makeup have its own thing. Doe wanted makeup to be colorful, magical, and cruelty free. She solved it by creating the Lime Crime. This company brings the fashion industry together. This type of makeup is long wearing. It lasts longer. There are so many back in stock makeups. One of her products that she has done is Velvetine Liquid Lipstick. It cost around $20 which is not bad for a lipstick. This lipstick is touch-proof lipstick. The smooth lipstick has pigments that are great for lips to make them look rich. Doe has made the lipstick where it could make your lips look soft. This type of makeup is cruelty-free. It is made in the USA to being 100% vegan products. She made it to where it can make a person look and feel good. There is another interesting product that she has made. The product is called Ophiuchus Zodiac Eye Glitter. This product is the loose powder mineral eye shadow. It is like powdered sugar for your face. She made this product to where it blends on the body well. This makeup can be applied on for a whole day. This product would make the eye pop out. These colors can be added to your lips, eyes, and even face. It is a unique glitter. This product is under $20. It is a price that people could afford. Doe has made the Lime Crime Company a new industrial business. These products are products that people who love to use makeup would want to use. Products like these can be found on a website called Dolls Kill. Products of lime crime would be shown there. Dolls Kill is a website that is online and their hours are 24 hours. They are open 7 days a week which is good when you want to shop anytime for your makeup products. These makeup products will give you the look a person would want to look. The product itself has amazing designs which would look good when wanting to show off your Lime Crime product. It is a product that you won’t regret getting.

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