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Donations From Dick DeVos

by Chris Holden - June 1st, 2016.
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In recent news, Dick DeVos has invested both time and money into the building of a newly built aviation-themed charter high school that is offered to students regardless of parental income. This new charter school will officially be opened on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport property. This new school has been named the West Michigan Aviation Academy and will officially be opened to 60 freshman who have been chosen based upon their aptitude. The goal with this new academy is to add one grade each year to have a full school. The school will be combining plane education along with other schooling. Instructors at this school will base lessons around flying airplanes and ways to fix them. Though this is the fourth aviation school in the United States, this is the first aviation charter school that has been created.

This school will have a different layout than most schools. The school will have longer days as well as an overall longer calendar. With rigorous academics, the overall goal of this new academy is to prepare each student for college. The school is excited to welcome the high school’s new students and has already chosen a diverse group of students that will make this new charter school proud. Dick DeVos stated that he opened a charter school and not a private school because he wanted decisions to be made based upon merit and not based upon family income. Mr. DeVos states that the best kind of student is often the student that is given a chance to succeed.

Dick DeVos is not only a businessman and entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to fund educational organizations. One of his biggest missions is to make school accessible to everyone. In Mr. DeVos’ opinion, this is the best way to spread human capital and promote economic growth within a country. Dick DeVos is a family man who has been able to spread his legacy over the years. Of the many accomplishments that he has made, this is one of his favorites.

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