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Dr. Mark Holterman Sees The Big Picture

by Chris Holden - February 23rd, 2018.
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Dr. Mark Holterman is a profoundly experienced medical professional whose extensive time in the fields of pediatrics healthcare and surgery has proven to be valuable far beyond the scope of a typical doctor’s sphere of influence (Alivenewspaper). Most often, doctors keep their focus on the traditional perimeters of medicine when advancing their careers or developing their practices. However, Dr. Holterman has decided to venture outside the ordinary and into the realm of untapped potential by applying his expertise to innovations in medical technologies, and to under served populations through his medical philanthropy.

Driven in part by the knowledge, experience and passion of his wife, Ai-Xuan, Mark Holterman aggressively pursued his chosen medical specialties, pediatrics and surgery. She was also a crucially pivotal influence in his development of, and involvement in IPSAC-VN, an organization created to serve the neglected pediatric needs of Vietnam. It is in this capacity that Dr. Holterman has been able to use his experience to help those in need by collaborating with and educating surgeons in the area.



Not only has Dr. Mark Holterman commited his time and energy to advancing global medicine, he actually founded an investment firm that specializes in investing in the advancement of scientific technologies. The combination of his heart for humanity and his head for medicine is helping to shape both the present and the future of medicine and surgery. Since its establishment in 2012, Mariam Global Health has focused on the business management and investments of innovators and companies who have the potential to impact world health or medical advancement. Dr. Holterman still holds the CEO position, where he continues to provide insight and apply his vast knowledge.

The retirement of most people in the medical and surgical professions typically means long lazy days on a golf course somewhere sunny. However, Dr. Mark Holterman’s ambition and dedication to advancement are anything but typical. His continued involvement in medicine through charity and business makes him a absolutely invaluable and remarkable member of the medical community. Dr. Holterman clearly understands both what is currently necessary in pediatric surgery, and what will be necessary for the future of it.


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