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Dr. Mark McKenna as the CEO of OVME

by Chris Holden - May 14th, 2018.
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Dr. Mark McKenna is a well-known physician as well as an entrepreneur. He is a studied at Tulane University Medical School and later certified by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners in Surgery and Medicine. He is a member of Entrepreneurs Organization and the chief executive officer of OVME which he founded in 2017. The company addresses issues facing patients in health care. Besides being an entrepreneur and a doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna plays a philanthropic role whereby his company OVME has partnered with Make A Wish Foundation Company to support the community.

After graduating from Tulane University, he thought he would make a lot of cash from the medical profession where he was practicing along with his father. However, Dr. Mark McKenna realized that his passion was not in medicine but was in real estate. Later, he started venturing into real estate businesses in New Orleans where he earned a lot of cash. Unfortunately, in 2005, the Hurricane Katrina made he lose millions. He reconstructed the company although he dissolved it and built another company and currently, McKenna manages OVME, a technology-centered Company.

According to Dr. Mark McKenna, OVME Company’s primary motive is to provide medical aesthetics along technology innovations. He is determined in improving Atlanta resident’s health care in technological ways. The OVME product will enable the patients to consult online on health-related issues. Additionally, the patients have confidence in the product due to McKenna’s expertise in the medical field. Moreover, the OVME appeals to the investors who have faith in it as it incorporates new technology. Some of the services offered by OVME firm include injection of neurotoxins for instance Botox, dermal fillers, and Vivace micro needling. Apart from the stated services, OVME also provides testosterone replacement therapy, analysis of patient’s DNA among others. It is incontestable that OVME will outdo other companies as a result of owner’s customizable experience.

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