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Draw My Life by Wengie

by Chris Holden - April 21st, 2017.
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In the video Draw My Life, Wengie (2016) describes her personal life in her own unique way. Wengie’s parents moved to Australia when she was a little girl. So, she had to live with her grandparents for a few years. After she turned four years old, her grandfather brought her to see her parents in Melbourne. After a few years, she moved to Sydney because her father got a new job.

A lot of things were changed since she moved with her parents. For instances, she did not have friends, and toys to play with. Therefore, she created her own DIY toys, such as princes toys, robots, transformers, and animated turtles. Furthermore, Wengie illustrates her biggest struggles were in school. She was doing very well in academic subjects but not in social skills. As a result, she tried her best to make friends in high school. There were two things are happened during her high school years. First, she created her own website that related to animated drawings. Second, she found out that her mother was pregnant.

Moreover, Wengie states that she had to study hard to get a scholarship because her mother would not pay her tuition. She was doing a good job and got a full scholarship, although accounting was not something that she wanted to study. She was glad that she could help her parents financially. After 4 years, she was graduated and got a job in a big company. She claimed that she was not happy. She said “Creative Accounting is illegal.” She could not express herself in this field then she resigned from that company. After she resigned, she began to look for other opportunity. Finally, she got a new job as a social media consultant. She learned a lot from her new employer. Now, she has a lot of clients, she writes blogs, and makes videos.


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