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Drew Madden’s Dense Expertise in Healthcare

by Chris Holden - November 13th, 2017.
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The healthcare sector has for long been guided by clinical procedures such as diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders largely by human personnel although machinery has also been in use. Just like other fields that have experienced technological progression, healthcare has been no exemption. Drew Madden is an investor and entrepreneur in healthcare with information technology, which has brought a whole new aspect of the operation of a health facility.

Drew Madden has made machine learning in healthcare practical, effective and even management much easier. At Evergreen Healthcare partners where he works as a managing partner has proved to the world that healthcare can explore new ways of handling patients. This possible using customized healthcare technology and expertise and implementation of electronic human resources platforms for advisory and guidance.

In collaboration with scholars, researchers and medical institutions of higher learning such as Stanford Medicine and Chicago University it is now easy to profile a patient’s medical history, diagnosis diseases to the extent of determining the duration a patient is likely to respond positively to medication. Basically, it tells a lot such as the disease one is suffering from before it visibly manifests various treatment alternatives and courses of action suitable for each condition. Google is the platform that shares information with medical experts to help establish optimal and effective medical practices and specialized care par the condition at hand; so there is uniformity.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden holds a bachelor’s degree in Science in Industrial Engineering specializing in medical systems at Iowa College of Engineering, his alma mater. He is among the pioneers of the revolutionary electronic medical records and machine learning. Mr. Madden began his career in healthcare technology at Cerner Corporation. He has since then worked for Healthia consulting, Ingenix consulting and later at Nordic Consulting Partners as Executive Vice President before appointment as President in 2011.

He is a co-founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partner based in Madison, Wisconsin which was incorporated in July 2017. Other co-founders are Jeff Leach, Rebecca Bottorff, and Aaron who all work in the capacity of managing partner in the IT-based medical company. Drew Madden has received numerous award for Epic medical implementation services and in KLAS.

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