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Drink Water Look Younger

by Chris Holden - December 15th, 2014.
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When it comes to one’s appearance, health often goes hand in hand. Skincare products and exercises alike can help you keep a young look.

Sarah Smith from the UK tried another experiment. Of Spirit describes how Smith drank three liters of water every day, for 28 days. She took the decision to do so after talking with a neurologist and a nutritionist. One of them told her that dehydration is a usual problem among the women from her country.

Being displeased with the eye circles, tiny winkles, and red spots on the skin, the woman said she lost 10 years after taking this experiment. You can check the photos that she sent to an UK magazine. The 42-year-old wanted to share the trick and advice women to think about healthy lifestyles first of all.

Besides giving her a fresh look, the water made her feel better. She did not mention though whether the total intake of liquids were counted, or only the pure water. A skin doctor has been asked for opinion regarding the pictures, and he said that he was not aware of any statistics regarding water intakes or any proofs that it could influence one’s look to this degree.

It is never wrong to try, and 28 days is not much. So those who have ‘getting a better look’ among their New Year’s resolutions can definitely start with adding some water drinking to their daily routine.

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