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Drinking Matcha for Improved Health

by Chris Holden - February 12th, 2015.
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Many of you may consume green tea on a daily basis and know that it has stimulating and calming effects. This is due to a substance known as L-Theanine a powerful antioxidant found in green tea and in matcha. The ground green tea powder has a sweet taste and it is very versatile as it can be added to your favorite food or drink. Jaime Garcia Dias has read that the health benefits of this substance have been researched in Japan and the United States. Its growing popularity is due the fact that it has many antioxidants and even higher levels of L-Theanine than regular green tea. Matcha is made by grinding high grade green tea leaves into a powder, which is then infused in water so you drink the leaves and potentially get higher levels of the antioxidants and other healthy substances. The drinking and preparation of matcha has a long history in Japan and the green tea leaves used to make this drink are grown in the southern part of the island in places like Uji and Saga. Matcha is made from green tea leaves that are covered from the sun during the last twenty days of growth which makes them much more potent in terms of medicinal qualities and levels of L-Theanine. The drink can be enjoyed both hot or cold and the powder can also be used to infuse cakes, pastries, and health drinks.

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