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Dylan O’Brien Is Not Spider-Man

by Chris Holden - March 4th, 2015.
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Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have announced that a new Spider-man film is on the way. It appears that the Spidey film franchise will be getting an entire reboot. Spider-man is one of the most famous comic book heroes of all time. However, Spider-man was also one of the biggest film franchises in the early 2000s.

Tobey Maguire was the original Peter Parker, and he did a great job of portraying the nerdy superhero. Maguire appeared in three Spider-man films, and he was perfect for the role. However, after Spider-man 3, Tobey Maguire refused to star in any more Spider-man movies.

In recent years, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios released two more Spider-Man films. Fans like Sultan Alhokair know that both films starred Andrew Garfield, and they were mildly successful. However, there is a new Spider-Man film trilogy in the works. There were rumors that Dylan O’Brien would be playing Spider-Man.

Buzzfeed reported that Dylan O’Brien was not even auditioned for the role. ‘Teen Wolf’ fans are saddened by the news, but time heals all wounds. Fans of Dylan O’Brien will still be able to see the heartthrob on his MTV hit show.

The role of Spider-Man has not been filled yet. This has everyone wondering about the future of the web slinging hero. There are rumors that Tobey Maguire will reprise the legendary role, but lets not put too much faith into those rumors just yet.

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