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E-Cigarettes: Are They Really Safe?

by Chris Holden - April 20th, 2015.
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You’ve heard all about them. You see them everyday. E-Cigarettes are the new trend of smoking in teens and those who wish to stop smoking. They’re claimed to be a healthy alternative to traditional smoking habits, but what do we really know about them?

Not much as it turns out. This social phenomenon gained popularity as establishments cracked down on public smoking since the new millennium. Smokers nowadays are viewed as social pariahs and made to feel bad about their habits. You’d love to quit, but can’t bring yourself to. Handy (more at states that traditional smoking of cigarettes has a list of health risks from lung cancer to periodontal disease, but in fact E-Cigarettes may not be a healthy option.

E-Cigarettes are electronic and feature cartridges that carry the very same nicotine through your body as you inhale. Though they don’t claim to have the same effect on your lungs, this electronic device does nothing as far as a nicotine addiction goes. Also, the effects of smoking these E-Cigarettes can still lead to gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

As the proper research on these devices falls short of their popularity, you may be asking yourself if they are truly safer. Until the smoking population sees some real evidence of healthy benefits, E-Cigarettes are nothing more than a popular fad that may not stand the test of time.

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