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End Citizens United Has an Eye on the 2018 Senate Race

by Chris Holden - July 10th, 2017.
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End Citizens United is a PAC that has officially endorsed Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for his reelection in 2018. They have referred to him as a champion in the fight for finance reform. The PAC is dedicated to helping politicians that are opposed to the Citizen United decision of the Supreme Court. This ruling significantly expanded the ability of corporations to contribute to US elections.

Whitehouse opposed the decision, and he is on record calling for more transparency in campaign financing. In 2017, he published a book talking about the infiltration of dark money into US politics. Additionally, he has asked questions about the Supreme Court justice and the millions that went into supporting his nomination.

However, he has received a lot of dissension from Republicans. They say that Whitehouse has ignored dark money funding the Democrats.


End Citizens United is Still Raising money


Thus far, the PAC has raised over $4 million in 2017. By the midterms, it projects that it will have raised as much as $35 million. That would be a major boost to the $25 million, which it managed to raise in the 2016 elections. Keep in mind that this was its first election cycle.

The money it managed to raise this year came from about 100,000 people. For about 40,000 people, this was their first time contributing money to politics. The average contribution per donor this year has been $12. Most donors to the group felt that the system has been rigged against them. They feel that the rule of law in the US now belongs to those who can write the fattest checks.

Another factor in the contributions is that most Democrats are furious that Trump won. By contributing to this Pac, they feel that they are able to fight back. In recent weeks, it helped to get contributions of about $500,000 to the campaign of Jon Osssoff. He surprised many by garnering over $4 million in contributions. The group says it is still looking for races, which it will support in 2018. However, it has already identified a number of candidates that it could support for the race.


Where does it Get Its Name?


The group gets its name from the Citizens United decision of 2010 by the Supreme Court. This opened the door for big money to find its way in US politics. The result is that super PACs can now contribute as much as they want to US politics.

This PAC cannot accept donations that are more than $5000 from a single donor. Despite this cap, it is one of the top Democratic-aligned groups, according to the 2016 election cycle. The Pac has been involved in other political activity as well. For instance, it managed to convince Republicans who received financing from Betsy DeVos and her family to recuse themselves from her nomination vote.


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