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Enjoy Nature As Alastair Borthwick Did During His Lifetime

by Chris Holden - September 12th, 2019.
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Modern life has been described accurately as hectic and stressful for many seasoned and new professionals. The addition of outdoor activities may help to alleviate stress and anxiety issues that seem to develop from modern lifestyle choices. Alastair Borthwick was simply pursuing his passion outside of his writing career when he took up rock climbing and eventually published a novel detailing his experiences in Scotland. Always A Little Further published in 1939 is a classic memoir. The title also somewhat reflects the to-do lists of professionals in both city and country settings. There are always more things to do shortly in the future. 

Mr. Borthwick’s book also gives clues to how an individual can overcome and balance a busy lifestyle by incorporating nature. Young professionals are gravitating towards Borthwick’s first book and also his second release Sans Peur from 1946. This second novel showed the events that were experienced by soldiers towards the end of WWII. Both books are from completely different genres, but they show the same enthusiastic spirit of the author. 

The author started his professional career in writing at the Evening Times where he worked as a copy-taker. Alastair Borthwick left high school at the age of sixteen to start earning a living. Later as a teenager, he joined the staff of the Glasgow Weekly Herald as a writer. Due to low staff levels at the paper, he was able to produce articles on many different topics. These experiences set the foundation for a person who valued enjoying life both professionally and personally.

Alastair Borthwick started his nature journey by hiking. This activity eventually leads to a love of rock climbing which was mainly enjoyed by the wealthy. The enjoyment of nature played an important role in his personal life and writings. He wrote about how it helped to improve both his physical and mental well-being. The beauty of being outside on Scotland’s landscape elevated both the mind and body. Rejuvenating activities are not a trivial matter, and they need to be incorporated into a person’s lifestyle. A lasting lesson from Mr. Borthwick may include viewing life as an adventure that is composed of both work and play.

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