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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Pulier

by Chris Holden - December 2nd, 2015.
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The world of business requires people to demonstrate many varied skills. Someone in this field must demonstrate a knack for spotting opportunity, motivating employees and demonstrating their ability to manage funds from many kinds of sources. Anyone who wishes to start a business of any kind must also be prepared to confront all kinds of challenges that may arise during the course of the business day and be fully prepared to respond to them effectively. The person who is able to accomplish all of these tasks is one who will flourish and do well in any area of business they choose to enter.

One such entrepreneur and skilled executive is Eric Pulier. Pulier, a native of Teaneck, New Jersey, has been working as entrepreneur since grade school. He has a long history of acquiring new skills and spotting opportunity in unexpected and unique places. His work history spans many years and includes ventures in many varied fields. Pulier is a graduate of Harvard University in Boston, where he majored in the humanities. His studies here focused on the world cf communications and how best to convey ideas of all kinds to others who may be interested in what another person has to say. His studies here also focused on using the power of the written to help inform, amuse and change the way that people look at the world.

After graduating from Harvard, Pulier decided that he wanted to be involved in various business ventures of all kinds. His work since that time has focused on the field of start-ups and helping to create economic opportunity of all kinds in the field of business. Under his leadership, he has done much to help begin several companies that have done well in the business world. Pulier’s particular focus has been in bringing together the field of technology with the fields of business, education and health care.

Pulier started the company People Doing Things, a company that aims to help make issues better through the use of technology. He has also founded many other kinds of companies in several kinds of fields including media. In addition, Pulier is also one of the authors of a book about service oriented architecture. His effects also include work with many kinds of charities such as a camp that helps to provide a safe space each summer where ill children can meet and relax as well as efforts to help advance the world of problem solving by offering prizes for those who are able to demonstrate new and innovative solutions to old problems. As a result, he has been widely hailed for his efforts to help make the entire a much better place.

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