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Entrepreneur Robert Deignan | Continuous Transformation of IoT Technologies

by Chris Holden - October 1st, 2019.
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CEO of ATS Digital Services and Entrepreneur Robert Deignan has nearly eighteen years providing solutions in the technology industry. Seven years after earning a bachelor’s degree in business management, he held the Executive Vice President position with iS3. His time with the company gave him enough expertise to explore entrepreneurship and establish his own business. 

By the time Deignan graduated from Purdue University, the internet of things (IoT) continued its transformation. Although, IoT didn’t originally get its name until 1999, companies including Coca Cola had been using the technology for its vending machines. It saved the company time and money by monitoring inventory and the machine’s functionality. 

Entrepreneur Robert Deignan had a strong interest in technology and immediately pursued a career in repairs and providing solutions. He assists businesses and users with most technical problems involving computers, smartphones, internet, and IoTs. In 2018, Robert shared on Gazette his expertise on the internet of things and its relationship to customer support. 

While the technology continues to transform, Deignan believes the market will become more competitive. Google, Apple, and Amazon are leaders in the industry after the development of the Assistant IoTs. People rely on The Assistant, Sirl, and Alexa to keep up with the inventory of household supplies, for an example. Small companies are discovering new ways to use internet of things technologies with connectivity capabilities to multiple devices.

Robert Deignan sees two major problems with the internet of things, hacking and privacy. Without the proper security protocols, outsiders can gain access to your devices at home and automobiles. They can also hack your security system, garages, and appliances. ATS Digital has a variety of solutions to protect, repair, and connect your computer, smartphone and other electronics and devices. 

Since 2011, Robert Deignan expanded the company to the UK, The Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, and Ireland. ATS technicians has years of experience in networks, digital data storage, and home device connectivity. Robert continues to focus on enhancing the company’s call centers and technology services. The call center assists customers with connecting devices to IoT technologies, and other solutions. 

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