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Eric Pulier Highlights the Nature of Technological Innovation

by Chris Holden - April 24th, 2017.
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The tech industry is one of the most important and exciting fields in the modern world. It’s also rapidly becoming a rather confusing one. Various high tech fields are fusing into a unified whole which can be difficult to get a hold of. This is one of the reasons why the leaders in the tech industry are so important. In many ways the lives of men like Eric Pulier define the tech industry better than any textbook. The earliest years of software development and the earliest years of Pulier’s life occur at the same time. He was there to shape and be shaped by it.


One of the most notable things about Pulier is that his entry into software development didn’t come out of academic necessity. In fact, he didn’t even have the chance to take programming classes at the time. In 1984 programming classes were restricted to the occasional university campus. And Pulier himself was only in 4th grade. Despite his age, he was fascinated by computers. That fascination led to self education. And that same drive led him to found a database centered development company by the time he was in high school.


One might imagine that this would lead to a singular focus on software development in college. But in reality, Pulier’s wide range of interests shows just how the modern developer needs to relate to the world. He certainly did place a heavy academic interest in technology. During his time at Harvard he also served as editor of the school’s official paper. This range of interests would be seen throughout his life. Since 4th grade, technology has been a component of Pulier’s life. But at the same time it’s always been balanced by a keen interest in the world at large. Just one example of that can be found in his charitable endeavors. He’s the VP of cloud operations for Painted Turtle, a camp for children who suffer from chronic illness.


All of these example’s from Pulier’s life illustrate one main point. His success in the tech sector hasn’t come from a singular interest in technology. Instead that interest in technology is just one component of a much larger desire to make the world a better place. This is the true face of technological innovation. Not a single technology, but rather the desire of talented people to find ways of using science to improve the world.


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