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Eucatex Initiatives Championed by Flavio Maluf

by Chris Holden - July 7th, 2019.
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Building a successful company requires a leader with a vision and that is what Flavio Maluf has been at Eucatex. The company has succeeded in production supply of floors, doors, paints, MDP panels, varnishes, to mention few. He has contributed to building a sustainable and socially responsible company. Eucatex has its main office in Sao Paulo and its offices in various areas of Brazil and others abroad.

As a company whose raw material is Eucalyptus, it has large tracts of land planted with the trees to ensure that the supply is not cut. it started investing in the eucalyptus in 1951. These forests guarantee Eucatex self-sufficiency for any amount of eucalyptus it needs for production. It carries outs the activities of afforestation once some of the trees are cut down to be used in production. Read more about Flavio at

Flavio Maluf came up with the idea of staring the Environmental Education Program to educate the people on the importance of trees, teach them how to plant trees and tend to the forests. The program has gained popularity and it has continued to receive guests who want to learn more about trees and environmental conservation from the experts at Eucatex. Even the local authorities recognize this program odder their support. Flavio Maluf is hopeful that the people shall learn and also become ambassadors of environmental protection.

Not many companies in Brazil are as close to the people in the surrounding communities as Eucatex. Flavio Maluf leads specialists in carrying out socioeconomic diagnoses and also in visiting the people and discussing with them on the impacts of the forest operations on their lives. The transparency between the company and the community has helped them to coexists well. Flavio Maluf’s company has taken social responsibility to another level by opening up the forests to the people to practice beekeeping and earn extra income by sale of the honey. It also offers employment opportunities to people in the community.

The company has also developed methods of preventing fires in the forests, which is a common occurrence, especially during dry seasons. The investments to this cause include construction of fire breakers and increasing awareness to the public and employees.


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