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Extra Fees at Hospitals

by Chris Holden - December 23rd, 2014.
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Some hospitals in cities are starting to purchase doctor’s offices and urgent care locations. This means that the bill you get from the office might include a fee for a hospital visit as well. As pointed out by Sultan Alhokair, if there isn’t a specific fee that states it’s from the hospital, then there might be additional charges that will make it seem like you have been in an emergency room.
When people go to a doctor’s office, they expect that it will be less expensive than seeking help from a hospital. If someone wanted to get all of the tests done that an emergency room offers, then that’s where they would go to get assistance. It looks like hospitals aren’t making as much money and need to compensate for the money that they don’t see in some way or another. It’s often at the expense of those who can’t afford to pay a doctor’s bill in the first place.

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