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Felipe Montoro Jens Views on Productivity and Education in Finance World

by Chris Holden - March 16th, 2019.
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Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the most versatile finance experts in the world. He has a deep understanding of finance in the world of infrastructure, and this understanding makes him an important person in the development debate in Brazil. Although he has worked with different private companies in this part of the world, his contribution to mega projects discourse in Brazil has been a game changer. In addition to contributing to different governmental forums in this part of the world, the Brazilian government, through the ministry involved in infrastructure has used him in different researches involving public projects. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

Two factors make Felipe Montoro Jens an incredible analyst and an infrastructure expert. First, he is a well-educated professional. His education helps him to do researches involving finances and the impact of the projects on the people of Brazil. His degree in Spanish and History has also helped him to defy all the language barriers when analyzing government projects. The Oregon University graduate has a background in business administration. According to him, this vast educational background makes him objective in all his speeches on national projects and in providing solutions. Although he is a Brazilian, he has been fortunate to study in both the USA and in his native country.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes that apart from having the right foundation in education, personal development depends on one’s ability to dictate their daily routines. Jens points out that he is a morning person and putting most of his work schedule in the morning helps him in being productive. Apart from handling all his professional obligations in the morning, Felipe Montoro Jens uses his morning schedule to work out and at least have breakfast with his family. In the age of social media, he believes that being on social media during office hours can negatively affect one’s productivity.

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