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Fitness Age and Cardiovascular Exercise

by Chris Holden - November 14th, 2014.
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Fitness age is calculated by a person’s cardiovascular endurance. The prediction of fitness age is made to check how long you will live healthfully. If your fitness age is less than your current age then you have higher chances of living longer than anticipated. For instance, my friend Tom Rothman is currently in his 50s, but as a runner his fitness age is in his 30s. He is healthier than the average man his age and will probably live longer than average life expectancy.

Fitness age is primarily based upon the VO2 max. VO2 max is the measure that will determine how much oxygen can be utilised by your body.

This will determine the cardio vascular endurance of your body. There are several factors that are considered during VO2 max calculation and fitness age calculation.

Of course, maintaining the usual healthy habits will improve upon these factors, but much more can also be done here.

Waist size, exercise habit and most importantly heart rate will be considered while checking fitness age of a person. There are reports saying that people whose VO2 max is 85 percentage or higher than their actual age have higher risk of dying prematurely when compared to others.

In such cases the fitness age will be well above the chronological age. Hence it better to do some regular work outs to keep yourself fit and energetic. Though the fitness age will be different from one person to another it can be used to compare the fitness of people in same age group.

There are several other factors that affect the fitness age, like cholesterol levels, smoking habits and blood pressure.

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