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Forming Healthy Eating Habits

by Chris Holden - May 29th, 2015.
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In this seemingly never-ending battle against the bulge, you may feel like you keep switching between looking at diet trends, exercise, and then rinsing and repeating an endless number of times. Could there be something you’re missing? A recent opinion states that we may be overlooking some important elements in this complicated equation.

Instead of restricting our natural wants and needs, this opinion suggests that we may be ignoring what our bodies are trying to tell us. In a nutshell this advice suggests that a number of healthy habits may keep our bodies in check for a slimmer, fitter you without the diet or exercise.

Do you time your meals or do you base caloric intake off of what your body tells you? In other words, are you actually hungry when you eat? Gauging yourself could be beneficial if you’re not truly hungry. James Dondero asks why eat if you’re not even hungry?

Are you notorious for shoveling food when you are hungry? If so, take a moment to slow down and actually enjoy the food you are eating. This simple habit not only helps digestion, but can also help tell you when you’re full.

Should you be in need of a change, the opinion link above can provide some healthy tips and suggestions before you plunge headfirst into a new diet or exercise routine. After all, why stress yourself out when you may not even have to?

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