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From The Vision Of Its Distinguished Founder, Grupo RBS Has Branched Out To Encompass A Wide Variety Of Sectors:

by Chris Holden - November 4th, 2019.
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Grupo RBS is a media firm based out of Brazil that has a rich and successful history that begins with the vision brought forward by its founder. That distinguished and innovative founder was Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. He was a Brazilian businessman that had a strong and passionate dedication to using his love of communication as a guiding force in his development of the multimedia communications firm that he called Grupo RBS. This dedication led to RBS becoming one of the largest firms in its industry across Brazil. The business legacy of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho has been carried on by the distinguished leaders at Grupo RBS that have followed him up. These leaders include Nelson and Jayme Sirotsky and Eduardo Melzer. These individuals have gone to great efforts to continually expand the operations at Grupo RBS. The work that they have done has seen the firm launch its business model into many new sectors of the market.

The primary focus that Grupo RBS concentrates on today is within the realm of communication. The firm is known for the production of high-quality content that is presented on tv and radio as well as the digital means and the traditional newspaper medium. The digital branch of Grupo RBS is known as e.Bricks. This organization has achieved significant success in areas such as e-commerce and mobile apps. The excellent leadership that has been provided in this sector has led to extensive growth in many sectors for Grupo RBS.

Grupo RBS is known for putting forward many valuable campaigns. When the firm celebrated 56 years in business, it launched one of these campaigns. This campaign was devoted to paying respect to individuals who have worked to make a change in the world of today and to work towards a better future. Grupo RBS recognizes the importance of individuals who are dedicated to making a difference and so these types of campaigns serve as a much-deserved recognition. Grupo RBS is always looking for unique and innovative ways to strengthen its ties to its audience and to engage in a meaningful way. Campaigns such as this help to drive this point home and show the firm’s commitment to this concept.

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