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Genucel Is More Natural And Affordable Way To Treat Age-Related Issues Around The Eyes

by Chris Holden - November 25th, 2018.
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As you get older, your facial muscles get weaker, ultimately causing loose skin all around the eyes. In addition to that transition, the fact that cushions the eyes in their sockets start to protrude, eventually coming out of the ocular cavity over time, causing bags and puffiness at the bottom of the eyes. Water accumulation and retention is another thing that tends to cause puffiness around the eyes.


Currently, there is an active skincare line out there that are targeting droopy and baggy eyelids. There are also less invasive and easier solutions available to those who are fighting this issue. The alternative solutions are less and happen to be more affordable. These solutions have also been clinically proven to yield positive results.

A New Solution

The tetrapeptide eyeseryl has been proven to provide positive results when looking to reduce puffiness. Genucel products include eyeseryl in their formulas, combined with other strong anti-aging solutions, so there is now a way to combat several age-related issues from the eye area.


Introducing The Genucel System

The Genucel system is an affordable 5-step treatment that is made up of a combo of plant stem cells with eyeseryl, providing a holistic solution to baggy, puffy eyes. Here’s how the 5-step process works:


Step 1: Genucel plant stem cell therapy is applied to restore the surrounding eye skin and visibly minimize puffiness and bags. It will only take a couple of weeks to see ay results, which will improve over time.


Step 2: The Genucel eyelid treatment is added to firm, tighten, and lift the top eyelid area. Peptides are working on the baggy and droopy skin in this area, providing a restored, youthful and brighter look after a while.


Step 3: Genucel XV treatment is layered on to reduce the visibility of wrinkles around the eyes. This formula consists of peptides to restore youthfulness, hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and CoQ10 to reverse damage from free radicals, age, and sun exposure.


Step 4: Genucel immediate effects works very fast to reduce wrinkles in the eye area. It consists of high-level relaxoderm technology. The results are good for a minimum of 15 and up to 24 hours per use.


Step 5: Cristalles Microdermabrasion is added in for about 2 to 3 minutes for amazing results. This formula uses magnesium oxide as the main ingredient, and it fights various skin issues, such as fine lines, discolorations, dry, rough skin, and age spots.


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