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Genucel XV by Chamonix

by Chris Holden - July 21st, 2019.
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Genucel XV is in the bag of tricks of those looking to avoid aging, as it is an important part of those people’s skin care routine. Genucel XV is made by Chamonix, which was founded in 1999 by the pharmacist George Faltaous. Chamonix has skin, hair, men’s health vitamins, and weight control products. Genucel XV is actually a unisex produced formulated for both men and women. Genucel XV can be found on the company website. Eyeseryl® is an active ingredient making up the anti-aging arsenal that is Genucel XV , which has created extreme improvements in the under-eye area after 15 days.

It would seem that Genucel XV reduces the appearance of puffiness or tired skin. Genucel is rich in Vitamin E, which is an essential vitamin that slows your skin’s aging process naturally. Genucel XV has silky-smooth properties that target wrinkles only when you have recently washed your face. Genucel XV has been designed to target wrinkles while incorporating the use of calendula flower as well as essential oil extracts so as to add maximum moisture to the skin. The key to understanding the function of Genucel XV is that the treatment is really helpful to skin prone to dryness.

According to, hydration is the key to a youthful facial appearance. In order to achieve this goal, Genucle XV uses Plant Stem Cell technology with built-in new peptides, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10 and the Enzyme Activation™ group vitamins such as B3 and B6 that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Genucel has double the clinical concentration of the active ingredient available. This cream can tighten the appearance of the skin around the jawline. The price for Genucel ranges from $85-$140, that when you buy from the website lends to a free neck cream along with a wrinkle treatment as part of the shipments you will get in the order. The active ingredient in Genucel is PhytoCellTec, that has been derived from stem cells that come from an uncommon type of Swiss apple plant. Other ingredients include algae extract, an antioxidant, green leaf tea extract, an antioxidant that destroys free radicals, and goji berry extract, rich in Vitamin A.  to know more about Genucel visit

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