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George Soros Billionaire Philanthropist With A Passion For Human Rights

by Chris Holden - February 3rd, 2018.
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As a hedge fund manager and Philanthropist, George Soros is a billionaire who has, over many years, donated 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations which he founded over 30 years ago. This organization promotes human rights and democracy in over 120 countries. The organization has invested in programs that protect the rights of people and help reduce police brutality within the United States. Due to a large number of gifts given by George Soros to the foundation, it is deemed the second largest philanthropic organization within the U.S. George Soros is said to be the richest hedge fund Philanthropy billionaire in the world. Mr. Soros fortune is ranked number 16 by Forbes with an estimated value of 24.5 billion dollars.

In 2014 there was an outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. and Open Society Foundations gave funds to treatment centers to help fight the disease. The foundation is very sympathetic to the amount of hate crime incidents that happened after the 2016 election. Mr. Soros pledged 10 million dollars to help in preventing these kinds of crimes from happening. Mr. Soros is passionate about helping those at risk of being abused. He believes that something needs to be done to fight back evil forces.

Durning the 2012 election year, George Soros donated millions of dollars to the super PAC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Because of his huge donations to the various political arenas, Mr. Soros is considered to be the largest contributor to politically liberal causes and various champagnes. Open Society Foundations was funded through donations, donated each year, is over 800 million dollars and has increased as part of Mr. Soros’ estate planning, setting the organization endowment to approximately 18 billion dollars for the year 2018. Mr. Soros believes that the donation he will be contributing for the coming years will be 2 billion dollars or more.

George Soros’ foundation has had an enormous positive impact around the world for many years. Soros Fund Management manages Mr. Soros’ money and oversee the Open Society’s endowment investments. He is closely involved in the work of the foundation.

George Soros believes if the United States closes the borders to Muslims it may spark more terrorism. He believes ISIS has a short lifespan, due to the governments of Iraqi and Syria winning back from the terrorist, the territories that were captured. George Soros believes that because of ISIS and the Middle East collapsing, it has negatively affected Europe. He believes that because German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened up the country to refugees it has created a crisis. He believes that Germany and other European countries migrants can be grafted into the society.

George Soros himself was a refugee from Hungary after World War II. In his younger years, George was migrant. He received education in England. While living in New York City, he began his career in the 1950’s in investing at F.M. Meyer and Wertheim & Company. Because of his background as an immigrant, he is sympathetic to the plight of other immigrants.

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