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Getting In Touch With A Lawyer While In Brazil

by Chris Holden - November 11th, 2015.
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The country of Brazil has a handful of laws that are unique, especially in comparison with laws that exist in the United States and other countries. For example, many people are surprised to know that Brazil is the first country to ban tanning beds. Also, it is illegal for individuals to smoke in certain public places. Another law that exists in Brazil has to do with gambling. Unless an individual gambles online, it is illegal to do so. Many laws have been put in place to protect people. There are also many laws that have been put in place to protect the environment and wildlife. It is important for a person who visits Brazil for the first time to get familiar with laws that are unique to this beautiful country. Even if a person unknowingly commits a crime, they will still be held accountable for it.

Being accused of a crime in a foreign country is something that sounds very scary for the vast majority of people. However, if a person takes the right steps, they will be able to get legal help and begin to build a case to defend themselves. There are many well qualified and experienced lawyers who work in Brazil.

One well-known lawyer is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He started off in a small law firm and then eventually went on to open a law firm that is extremely well-known all around the country. Most individuals in Brazil have heard of him because he is well known in the news. He has represented some famous people as well as some large corporations.

When a person needs legal representation in Brazil, they can start looking around for a lawyer online. Fortunately, most lawyers have a website that not only explains the type of legal services they provide, but also explains what kind education they have received as well as the experiences they have had. It is easy for people to find out about the career of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho online.

Before an individual agrees to hire a lawyer, they need to take time to ask questions and also fully understand the services that are being provided. They need to know how much money needs to be given up front and how much will be given if their case is won. The more familiar a person is with Brazilian law, the better their chances are of fighting a false accusation or getting the least sentencing if they have committed a crime.

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