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Gino Pozzo Brings Some Italian Flair To The Permier League

by Chris Holden - August 2nd, 2019.
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The Italian soccer team owner, Gino Pozzo comes from one of the most important footballing families in the world. The Pozzo family has been a constant in the lives of soccer fans around the world since the mid-1980s when Giampaolo Pozzo purchased his hometown club, Udinese F.C. Since then, Gino Pozzo has led a drive to modernize the soccer operations of the family after completing his studies at Harvard and living in Barcelona to learn as much as possible about the inner workings of the soccer industry.

The Italian has decided the major issue to be addressed at Watford F.C. was making a club that had moved up and down the different divisions in England a safe bet for the future. Pozzo has not taken a different approach to the emergence of Watford as a Premier League force than many of his fellow foreign investors. The English Premier League has been used by many foreign owners to make fast money by investing in clubs before selling all or a stake to other investment groups.

The rise of Watford has attracted many admirers to the club but Gino Pozzo has been trying to develop a simple way of building the fanbase of the Premier League club. One of the ways he has determined to do this is by showing he has a long-term commitment to the club on the outskirts of London. Among the ways, Gino Pozzo has done this is by rebutting any approach to purchase the club or take a minority stake in Watford. Various investment groups have tried to purchase the Premier League team developed by Gino Pozzo into a major power but these approaches have all been rebuffed by the Pozzo family as they have agreed to remain the guardians of this community club in the future.

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