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Gino Pozzo

by Chris Holden - August 25th, 2020.
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Gino Pozzo is a big name in European sports. He is a proud owner of the English club Watford Football Club. Gino was born in Udine, Italy to football enthusiast parents. He moved to the US when he was a teenager and after completing his Master’s degree from Harvard University, he relocated to Barcelona, Spain. He then moved to London with his family in 2013.

His family has a great legacy which he has also paved the path for his coming generations. His father Gianpaolo had purchased the Udinese club in 1986. Gino’s family had woodworking industry which they sold in 2008 and completely focused on their football clubs. Read This Article for additional information.

Back in 1993, Gino’s exceptional ability to drive the success for Udinese Football Club turned the fortune of the club. A continued effort made him climb the mountain of success in the coming years. The Pozzo family purchased the Watford club in 2012, and in 2015 they were the proud owner of football clubs simultaneously in three European countries: Italy, Spain and England.

Gino Pozzo has a very wide thought in terms of expanding the club and thereby making it greatly successful. He believes in recruiting coaches and players, and, sharpen them to achieve more for his club. His belief in being open to hiring new individuals has led to huge success for his club. This is his long-term approach to obtaining team’s success.

Gino is greatly involved in the Watford club and influences each and every level of operation within the club. He never misses to be physically present in the training ground almost every day, contributing to his team’s success in whatever way he can. Many people consider that Watford’s team is currently the best since 1980s and the credit for this achievement goes to Gino for his tireless effort. Visit This Page for more information.


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