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Glen Wakeman Interview

by Chris Holden - July 22nd, 2018.
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Glen Wakeman is a renowned investor and entrepreneur. He is the present Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings. He has extensive experience and expertise in business creation and development. Glen Wakeman employs a five-strategy approach to improve companies and other businesses. These five strategies are leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance.


Glen Wakeman is the founder of Nova Four Company. He also serves as the firm’s President. Nova Four is a business agency that helps upcoming businesses with capital access advice. The firm also offers coaching and training for CEOs and Board members to equip them with knowledge and skills that they can use in improving their companies.


Glen has spent over two decades in the management of GE Management and also international markets. The experience equipped him with diversified knowledge in various businesses. Glen worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the GE money Latin America. At GE money Latin America, Glen managed to build a nine-country operation that he created from the starting level into becoming one of the largest companies in the region. Presently, the firm has over 17,000 employees who serve in the various branches of the company.


In an interview with, Glen revealed that his businesses ideas are matched with money. He continued that the high rate of business failure is as a result of the lack or improper structuring around the concept. It is from this discovery that he came up with the idea of founding LaunchPad Holdings. He maintained that LaunchPad Holdings was established with the aim of simplifying the structuring needed by a company to start up and improve its operations.


Glen also unsealed that he brings his ideas to life through forcing himself to explain them to other people. He argued that he is forced to think critically and do the necessary research to understand his idea for him to tell them to people and also defend them adequately. Glen also argued that he sometimes feels motivated to make the concept workable when it appears too good to him and other people. He also revealed that he likes choosing to share his ideas with people who he thinks are not likely going to agree with his argument saying that they help him to see the other side of the idea.


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