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Glen Wakeman Offers Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs

by Chris Holden - April 8th, 2018.
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Glen Wakeman, Founder, and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, recommends that aspiring entrepreneurs read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. “It is a timeless classic,” he says, “and still the best book on strategy ever written.” Wakeman, with an MBA from the University of Chicago and a 20-year career with General Electric, goes on to say, “There are dozens of lessons to be learned about teamwork, preparation, and discipline…” Although Wakeman, former CEO of GE Money Latin America, praises Sun Tzu, he has lessons to share of his own.


  1. Nurture Your Curiosity

Wakeman coaches that the more you know about how things are, the more you can solve how to make them better. He advises that your curiosity can become your best business asset. “My sense of curiosity…enables me to persevere through problem-solving, innovation, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.”


  1. Don’t Try to ‘Boil the Ocean’

Many fledgling entrepreneurs try to do too much with their business and then find their progress stagnating. “Simpler and clearer is better and more effective” explains Wakeman.


  1. Have a Plan

Entrepreneurs have great ideas but often don’t plan. Without a plan their idea stalls or its taken to market haphazardly and fails. After years of studying entrepreneurs and what helps start-ups succeed, Wakeman created The Launchpad Toolkit. It is a simple to use guide that takes entrepreneurs through the business planning process. “The result,” says Wakeman, “is a clean, clear investor friendly presentation.”


  1. Grow Your Network

Networking is the key to success for entrepreneurs and business executives. If he could start over, Wakeman says “I would keep good records of every friend and acquaintance I meet along the way. Connections can mean the difference between funding or not, some customers or none, success or failure.”


  1. Put Yourself in Front of People

The most important strategy Wakeman uses and advocates others is to join business and entrepreneurial associations. He recommends that colleges, government, and venture capital providers all offer forums to join and connect. “They offer a treasure trove of ideas, contact, and capital” Wakeman concludes.


Sun Tzu, in the Art of War, states “leaders lead by example, not by force.” Glen Wakeman, with his Launchpad Toolkit and wise advice for start-up entrepreneurs, is doing just that. For more information on Glen Wakeman go to


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