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Glen Wakeman on the Importance of Actionable Plans

by Chris Holden - February 22nd, 2018.
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Glen Wakeman is an American businessman, investor, writer, and entrepreneur. Up to date, Glen Wakeman was serving as a Global Executive at GE Capital. Additionally, Glen Wakeman is a collaborative founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, where he is serving as its Cheif Executive Officer (CEO).

After he completed his studies at the University of Chicago, Glen Wajeman proceeded to his carer in business and lived in six different countries. He got to work in 32 countries around the world over the course of a career of 20 years while at GE Capital. The corporation had more than 17 000 employees and managed assets amounting to 15 billion dollars.

Over the course of his career, Glen Wakeman has expanded his business through launching startups, working on new markets, doing mergers and acquisitions, helping companies achieve exponential growth, and much more (Dailyforexreport).

One of his proudest achievements has been the Launcg Pad Holdings LLC. The firm is a SAAS company that allows to rising businesses to achieve higher success rates by providing them with services in online business planning. The corporation resonated strongly with Gen Wakeman as it was started out from his values as a businessman and incorporates what he believes is the best way to do business.

Creating a roadmap for the business is vital at any point in its existence. Ideas are only a small step forward but to truly start going ahead, ta entrepreneur needs an actionable plan that is consistent an straightforward, and leaves nothing to the imagination. Glen Wakeman always advises beginning entrepreneurs to create a roadmap with any tool they like even if it is on pen and paper.

Looking back on his career, Glen Wakeman can see many failures that have stemmed from him trying to wing it instead of setting the foundation through actionable planning to take him to his end goal. Visualizing has also been of huge help as it allows him to backtrack to the start and establish a plan of action from there.

Additionally, to business, Glen Wakeman likes writing articles and providing advisory services on business strategies, c=raising of capital, and other financial aspects of having a business.



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