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Goodell Responds to Questions

by Chris Holden - February 2nd, 2015.
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Roger Goodell gave a press conference on Friday, like the commissioner does each and every year before heading into the Super Bowl and he gave a speech and then took questions on everything related to the National Football League. Fans like Lee Slaughter know that his interview is kind of like a wrap up of the media week that precedes the Super Bowl and people really wanted to dig their teeth into Goodell about the deflate gate case that has been looming in the air for two weeks now with no determination from the league. Roger was questioned repeatedly about the deflate gate case after he gave a pretty good speech about what they are doing behind closed doors in relation to the NFL and plans for the future. When asked about the scandal, he stated that they are doing a detailed investigation into the matters that allege New England purposely deflated balls in the AFC championship game that resulted in them winning, but said that they refuse to subject that investigation due to speculation and will not speak on the matter until the investigation is concluded and a decision has been made. He said they will inform the public at that time of their decision. When asked about his conflict of interest with the New England Patriots owner and the leader of the investigation, he stated that they are of the most trustworthy people and he has all the confidence in their honesty.

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