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GPB Global Resources B.V. and extraction dynamics in Africa

by Chris Holden - October 26th, 2019.
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GPB Global Resources B.V. is a multinational company that takes part in oil exploration and establishing production projects. Boris Ivanov, the founder, and managing director, restructured the company in 2011. The firm’s headquarters are based in the Netherlands and have acquired quite the significance after successful ventures in South America and Africa.

As controversial as the oil industry may be, GPB Global Resources B.V. provides a framework based off on best international and ethical practices. Africa is a continent consisting of 54 countries. Each with different national legislation, economy, local, regional, or common law and customs that can impression a firm’s license to operate.

This is an obstacle witnessed by many firms trying to operate in the region, however, for GPB Global Resources B.V; this is one of the many challenges it takes on at a daily to successfully navigate with the experienced skill set of leadership and diplomacy under the guidance of Mr. Boris Ivanov.

The unique and varying difference if how each country treats its resources puts up equally interesting challenges for firms. For instance, Ethiopia has a legal framework by international practices, whereas countries like Mozambique, having recently discovered natural gas reserves, do not have a legal structure for resource extraction in place yet.

Namibia and South Africa have well-structured extraction laws that allow convenient resource production-sharing agreements with the government. Cote D’lvoire has only recently introduced these laws.

The resource industry faces quite many hurdles. Due to a large land surface and the discovery of resources in remote areas, poor infrastructure, poor extraction mechanisms, and a turbulent political environment, it is necessary for a firm to have an infrastructure designed to withstand these factors.

However, when companies like GPB Global Resources partner with the government on extraction projects, it revolves around giving back to the community as well. Most basic methods are by local employment, establish industry finance, develop infrastructure including roads, power plants, water systems, and investing in community enrichment projects as well.

Boris Ivanov foresees the concept of renewable energy and emphasizes on increasing more R&D efforts to come up with better extraction and reserve theories to protect the environment as well. GPB Global Resources believes in the future stability of the environment and has helped plant more than 350 million trees in Ethiopia alone. Related:


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