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Graham Edwards: The Journey to Telereal Trillium

by Chris Holden - April 3rd, 2018.
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Since its beginning in 1997 as a subsidiary of the William Pears Group, Trillium has undergone a variety of changes. In a short amount of time, it became the largest privately owned property marketing company in the UK. Passing first to Land Securities in 1998, it later was sold by this company to Telereal in 2000, changing its name from Land Securities Trillium to Telereal Trillium, as it is now known. The year 2001, Telereal Trillium saw a new CEO in the form of Graham Edwards. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to add to the company, Graham Edwards placement of CEO of Telereal Trillium has only worked diligently in Trilliums favor. To fully understand the impact that he has had during his time with Trillium, one must look at the massive expansion the company has undergone. Upon his installment as CEO, Graham Edwards helped to merge Trillium with British Telecomholdings, entering into a 30 year deal with the fledgling company. Set to take place gradually, the already extensive Trillium was set to gain 30% of British Telecomholdings properties over time (referred to as an adoption period). Through this process Graham Edwards gained Trillium 6,700 more properties with a total floor space of 59.2 million feet. It has been through Edwards that this company has achieved the success and power that it has (Releasefact). Not only does Trillium own and deal with an incredible amount of properties available in the UK, but through Graham Edwards stewardship the company does its best to give back. The belief that the true scope of power comes from what it is used for, and through Edwards many charities appreciate large donations from the company. Everything that Telereal Trillium has accomplished has been through the aid of the CEO. Having graduated Cambridge University as a student of economics, Edwards had immediate hands-on experience with a variety of investment organizations and investment teams that saw him gain the experience needed to head such a large company and make it successful.


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