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Greg Blatt’s Career Journey

by Chris Holden - August 6th, 2020.
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Greg Blatt graduated from Colgate University and Columbia Law School, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and law, respectively. After graduation, Greg chose to work in various jobs before finding the perfect match.

Previously Mr. Blatt worked was the executive vice president of business affairs and, at the same time, worked for Martha Stewart. Later he joined IAC and was entrusted with communications, human resource management, and legal functions. Throughout these operations, Greg Blatt gave his best and was determined to create a strong reputation.


Working for IAC

In 2010, Greg Blatt was appointed to serve as the strategic leader of IAC. He previously worked with; therefore, he understood what customers needed. His primary objective has always been customer satisfaction. Mr. Blatt believes in creating viable solutions for customers. Moreover, Greg Blatt has formulated an easy way to collaborate with his team and share strategic ideas.


Tinder Group

Blatt has also worked for Tinder, a platform devoted to helping people find love. People are always occupied in their daily routines finding it hard to get the right partner. Greg Blatt has, therefore, provided a platform to make their lives easy. Through the able guidance of Greg Blatt, people across the world have finally met their soul mates.


How COVID-19 Affects Greg Blatt Career

Even with COVID-19 restrictions, people still want to meet new people. Greg Blatt is in the front line, making it possible for his clients to continue online dating. He has launched video dating, which is now the most important means of communication. Therefore, people can still see each and continue dating. Greg Blatt is the mastermind behind this idea of helping people find perfect matches. Read This Article for additional information.

While working in these career lines, Greg Blatt has gained new leadership and investment skills, which help him create a better world.


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