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Gulf Coast Western Company Profile

by Chris Holden - October 24th, 2018.
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Gulf Coast Western Company Profile

The United States has always maintained its belief that the only way of maintaining its independence in the energy sector is through maximizing on the production of their domestic fuel. In order to achieve this, the American government led by President Nixon came up with policies that would motivate more Americans to invest in the energy industry. These policies seem to have led to the birth of companies like Gulf Coast Western Company which is situated in Dallas. The major goal of the Gulf Coast Western Company is to explore, identify and also develop oil and gas refineries that are found in the United States soil. The company’s interest has always the Gulf Coast Region which has many oil and gas reserves.

Background Information of the Company

The Gulf Coast Western Company was started almost 50 years ago and it has since it expanded its operations to various parts of America. Some of the regions that the company has extended its operations since it was formed include Texas and Colorado. The company’s main activity involves exploring and running leasing acquisitions operations, especially in Gulf Coastal lines since the regions have vast activities in oil and gas. According to the company, they will have explored and developed several acres where oil and gas activities can be done in the near future. Although the company has been focused the Gulf Coastal areas in the past, they have plans of extending their operations to other parts of the United States that are rich in oil and gas.

The Gulf Coast Western Company plays the role of a Managing Venturer of all partnerships that run businesses related to Oil and Gas. The company has many employees ranging from 51 to 200 in number ad it only has one location which the Northern part of Dallas. The company uses the slogan of “mouse hole” which refers to the abilities that the company has in making their partners’ oil and gas operations easy. The company is also determined to keep their history of chasing success for all their partners. They also value maintaining a clear and transparent relationship with their partners.

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