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Gumps Launching Online Store In Time For Christmas 2019

by Chris Holden - August 27th, 2019.
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Gumps is a nationally recognized luxury brand that is based in New York City, NY, and San Francisco, CA. Founded in 1861 at a retail location in San Francisco, it has been delighting people for over 150 years who are looking for a gift or something for their own home.

Gumps was recently acquired by the Chachas family. Diane and John Chachas have been investing in this company for a dozen years. Their three children, Christopher, Anne, and Jack Chachas, are the new owners. They bought a majority interest in Gumps and took over the leadership positions. They are relaunching this upscale brand in both North America and Europe. See Related Link to learn more.

Antoinette Gump, the great great grand-daughter of the founder Solomon Gump, said that she and her relatives were very happy that the Chachas are the new owners. They like that it is now owned by a family, just like it had been for most of its history. Get More Information Here.

Gumps imports luxury goods from Asia and Europe. Among the items that they sell are collections of jewelry, crystal, china, homewares, and furnishings. Generations of families have shopped at their location in San Francisco to find goods they couldn’t buy anywhere else.

Anne Chachas said that her family intends to uphold the rich traditions that Gumps is known for. She is the new executive vice president and said that they are relaunching a physical store in San Francisco in the fall.

They are also opening an online store. She was happy that the online store will be open in time for holiday shopping.People can follow the journey toward opening day at Gumps and on its Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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