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Handy’s On-Demand Services Raise $50 Million

by Chris Holden - November 16th, 2015.
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Mobile apps are a growing trend, and allow the convenience of connecting instantly to a variety of business and home based services. While many exist as a convenience, but haven’t really translated into real sales, other apps, such as Handy have experienced a huge boost in sales. Handy provides the unique service of connecting customers in need of housekeeping, and handyman services, with professionals.

Services range from the normal home or office cleaning to jobs such as assembling furniture, installing an air conditioner, or painting. It also includes light plumbing and electrical work that doesn’t require licensing. The app connecting customers with professionals has been so successful that the company recently announced $50 million in new funding.

The company launched in 2012, and is based in New York City. Since its launch, to June of 2015, 1 million bookings occurred using the online app. Handy also reports 100,000 bookings per month, 10,000 registered professionals, and hundreds of thousands of customers. On demand services, such as Handy’s, fill a niche in the online app market, and allow owners to realize huge increases in sales, customers, and investors. Current total investments include $111 million.

Handy investors include Fidelity Management, TBG Growth, General Catalyst, Highland Capitol, and Revolution Growth. Handy’s owners include Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. The company currently has 28 active markets, which include major cities across the U.S. Other markets exist internationally, such as London. The company plans additional investments in existing markets, and to perfect their business model. They plan to focus on expanding beyond current services. Cleaning currently represents 80% of Handy jobs.

Also important to continued growth is the app’s customer experience, as well as advanced professionals to complete jobs. The company’s goal is to provide a high level app service that continues to make ordering and cancelling services easy. Nearly 80% of Handy’s orders are satisfied repeat customers. On demand app services available on mobiles are expected to rise in popularity in coming months and years, making companies like Handy all the more useful and accessible in filling a growing market of customers and investors.

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