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Harry Harrison Is A Savvy Investor and Former Head of Barclays Non-Core In London.

by Chris Holden - October 24th, 2018.
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As the former head of a Barclays unit in London, U.K., Harry Harrison knows something about managing money. He held a prominent position at Barclay’s beginning in 2014 and ending in 2017. Harry Harrison worked in trading and investment milieus at Barclays for over two decades.

Regarding his educational background, Mr. Harrison earned a Master’s of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge in Finance as well as a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Warwick in Economics.

When asked about where the idea for his current company name came from, Harry Harrison quipped that it began with curiosity concerning how firms work. More specifically, how companies translate their business model from original theory into real practice at the small level. Mr. Harrison also wanted to know how the macro level mixes with the macroeconomic actions that help to make markets work.

Harry Harrison also noted that he picked the area of economics in school. Harrison went on to major in Economics in college. Then, he decided on Cambridge University to focus on finance at a Graduate School level. Harrison noted that it would be very hard to be in a career that wasn’t in financial services after taking all that schooling.

Harrison had spent many years in the role of a derivatives trader. He also managed many staffers in the area of fixed income sales and market trading.

Currently, Mr. Harrison lives in New York with his wife, Amy Nauiokas. Nauiokas is the founder as well as President of Anthemis Group, which is focused on the financial services investment and advisory milieu.

When asked what brings his thoughts to fruition, Harrison stated that there is nothing that can trump the mix of humility, diversity and collaboration. And ideas are only as stalwart as their intellectual diversity, ethnic diversity, etc.

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