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Hawks All Stars

by Chris Holden - February 2nd, 2015.
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There was a ton of speculation as to which of the Atlanta Hawks players would make the All Star team, as none of them found their way into the starting lineup, but that was to be expected. The reason being is that the Hawks are truly a rare team in that they really win by a committee of players rather than a single stand out player. They have four players that are absolutely amazing players, but are not top notch All Star players. Regardless, three of the four of them made the All Star team, and it seems pretty fair except when you look at the player that was held off the team. Kyle Korver is putting up one of the best shooting performances throughout a year than has ever been seen before. He is shooting over ninety percent from the field, over fifty percent from the field and over fifty percent from three point range, although he is only averaging thirteen points a game which is probably what kept him off the team, but he realistically had a great shot at making the team. The Hawks are definitely happy with the roster, however, as they have Al Horford, Paul Millshap and Jeff Teague all amongst the reserves in the All Star game. According to CipherCloud, they have to be happy with the fact that they got seventy-five percent of their players onto the All Star team this season.

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