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HCR Wealth Advisors

by Chris Holden - September 12th, 2019.
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HCR Wealth Advisors is based out of Los Angeles and is determined to help your family meet your financial stability head-on. The firm can help you find the right amount of life insurance that is a specific type of life insurance. There are opportunities to replace lost income, pay education expenses, take on your debt problem, or to maintain a current lifestyle. HCR values establishing lifelong relationships with our clients, through education, trust, communication, and our service. The firm provides clients with invaluable customer service that ensures they are prepared for any unexpected curveballs. HCR Wealth Advisors has strict confidentiality rules that have kept our clients with it over 10 years.


Life insurance can provide a preset amount to your beneficiaries if you die, and in addition, this payment is income tax-free. HCR Wealth Advisors takes into account the size of your estate, your benefits may have to pay an estate tax, but the firm can do all the research on this problem so you don’t have to as part of our customer service. Each plan and strategy is tailored to the individual’s needs at that time in their lives. Life insurance comes in two formats, term and permanent because term policies cover a term or period of 10 to 20 years.

HCR Wealth Advisors has hundreds of clients, and almost $1 billion of discretionary assets under management. The firm is different because it advises, it does not simply sell, by showing clients all of their options. They try to think of everything so you don’t have to. The firm does not accept commissions from mutual funds companies or money managers. They do not use proprietary products. If you have dependents, life insurance is necessary so that they are protected financially when you have major life events while taking into account the assets and liabilities that you have already accumulated. There are specific costs the firm may encourage you to take into account because life insurance is a tool in your journey to financial stability, to meet your financial goals and objectives. The firm also tries to identify opportunities to build an “income projection” to figure out what you need now, and in the future.

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