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Heather Russell Takes on Huge Role at TransUnion

by Chris Holden - July 9th, 2018.
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Heather Russell has been hired by TransUnion to work as the chief legal counsel, and this may be one of the best possible people for the job. She has proven herself to be a very unreliable candidate that has already worked as part of an executive team so her experience is needed when it comes to creating opportunities for TransUnion growth.

According to, Russell has been able to create at work environment where there is a lot more trust about what is happening inside of this business structure. She has been praised for the work that she is doing because it puts a greater level of trust into the way that things are handled by TransUnion. There needs to be a process for a company to adhere to government regulations. There needs to be someone that is able to follow the policies that people must adhere to.

Heather Russell knows about a lot of different things that have to be done when it comes to complying with government regulations. She has spent a lot of time doing this when she worked for a law firm. It gave her a considerable amount of knowledge about the ways that different policies should be handled. Russell saw the opportunity to build with company like TransUnion. She has an impressive resume already, but this position will give her even more depth. Visit this site to know more about Russell.

Russell really knows how to make an impact when it comes to changing the outlook for a company that is trying to grow. If there has ever been anyone that is qualified for a job such as this it is Heather Russell. She is a veteran in regulatory compliance that has two decades of experience. This makes her one of the best when it comes to creating opportunities for businesses and creating opportunities for herself.


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